Q. Website Prices - What should I expect to pay for a website?
This is one of the main questions we are asked on a daily basis. There are no set costs for website design, the price of a website depends on your requirements and the functionality of your website. Not every website is the same, some websites contain e-commerce functions to allow people to buy online, others contain online databases such as car dealers and online estate agents, others are general brochure sites. If you are shopping around for quotations do not be surprised to get quotations from different web design companies ranging from hundreds to thousands of euro for the same specification. Its important to know exactly what you require to ensure you are not overcharged for unnecessary work.
What is web hosting and can you provide this service?
A. Once your website is designed it needs to be placed on the internet, we refer to this as Web Hosting. You site is uploaded to a web server that connects to the worldwide web. Web hosting will also contain your email addresses. Our preferred service provider, Blacknight, help us to provide hosting services to our customers.
What annual costs should I expect in running a website?

Again this will depend on what type of website you are running. The only costs involved are the following.

* Annual Web Hosting / business email accounts. Our hosting packages start at approximately €80.00 per year

If you require Scorpion Creative to make major changes to your site after completion. The cost will be based on the number of hours it will take to complete the work.

Q. I would like a facility to be able to update sections of my website?
A. Yes we can provide you with a content management package that will allow you login under a unique password and username and you can make changes in seconds. You will have the ability to add photographs /images and text. You tell us what you would like to update and we will ensure your site is capable of making these changes.
Q. What information do I need to provide to you?
A. You will provide us with detailed information on your company, the products you sell, images and text for the website. If you cannot supply photos or images we can provide royalty-free licensed images if required.
Q. Do you provide website statistics?
Included in all Blacknight website packages are full graphical website statistics which you can view at any time. These contain many features including how many hits your website gets on a daily basis and what country or search engine your site was found in.
Q. Do you provide Email Accounts?
A. Yes all our sites are complete with professional email & web mail which you can login to view and send at any time. The email accounts can be used in outlook express or webmail which allows you view your mail from anywhere in the world.
I would like to get my site designed by Scorpion Creative, Where do I start?
A. If you would like us to design or develop your website, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.
Will I need training?
A. All content managed website come with a user manual as the CMS editor has the same standard editing facilities like Microsoft Word, Open Office etc, so editing and adding imformation will be straight forward. If you decide that you would like some one to one training, then we would recommend two hours to cover all areas.  Training is optional and is not included in the over all cost unless requested.