Below you will find examples of some of our graphic design work. All our designs are custom made and tailor made to suit our clients requirements,  specifications and colour schemes. We use the latest software technologies to produce high quality eye catching designs. We design for small businesses and SME's. Whatever your needs are, we can cater for them.

Our graphic design portfolio showcases our non-website design experience. In addition to your website, marketing materials ranging from brochures to posters will benefit from professional graphic design efforts.

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Photo Repair Photo Repair Service

As part of our graphic design service, we can offer photo repair and retouching of old or damaged photos.  We can restore photos to their original colour or convert them into black & white images.
Calendars Calendar Design
We can design a calendar specifically for your business needs which you can give to customers as part of your "value add" service. A calendar on your customers wall will give them a regular reminder of your business.


DVD Production DVD Production
Along with our graphic design service we can offer a DVD production service from start to finish. A number of our clients have used this service to advertise a number of different projects and activities to promote their business.


Logos Logo Design
Corporate branding is very important for all businesses and is generally one of the first things that is required when a new business is formed.  Logo's need to be eye catching and stand out from the crowd. At Scorpion Creative we can help you develop your corporate branding, starting off with your company logo.


Magazine Cover Magazine Cover
Have you ever wanted to be on the front of a magazine cover or wanted to surprise your friends with a picture of them on the front of a magazine cover? Now you can! We can provide a framed image of you or your friends which they can keep as a momento of a birthday, wedding or a special occasion.


Newspaper Headlines Newspaper Headlines
How about being on the front of a newspaper? All you need to do is send us a picture of the person that you would like on the front of the newspaper with your story or information about them and we will take care of the rest! This can be placed in a picture frame as a unique gift for friends or family.


Slideshows Slide Shows
Scorpion Creative can create a range of slide shows to further advertise your business in key locations. Our slideshows can run on a laptop or computer with presentation software or alternatively on a dvd player.


CD Design CD Design
So you have created a CD with your favorite music or your own music and need a CD sleeve and CD cover.  At Scorpion Creative we have the expertise to create an attractive, eye catching sleeve and matching cover for your CD.


Dummies Guide The Dummies Guide
Have you ever wanted to have fun with a family member or friend? What about our joke "Dummies Guide" book covers which we can produce to your specific needs.