1. Expand your reach! When you advertise on the Internet your message goes out to millions of people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a fraction of the cost of a newspaper, radio or television advert. Your information can be seen around the world enabling new clients, customers and prospects to read and respond to your message day or night.

2. Increase your service to your clients by having a website. You can easily educate, inform and service people via the Internet. Clients or prospects can contact you using email, thus making you accessible 24 hours a day. With email you will make yourself easier to contact and by putting an inquiry form online you will be opening the doors to a flood of new clients.

3. Keep your clients informed! Putting a website on the Internet allows you to keep your clients updated on the most recent changes in services, new or updated products, special deals and sales. Your clients don't have to wait for the next newsletter to get the latest information on your company. A calendar, easily updated, will keep your clients current on deadlines and events.

4. Keep your message fresh! Changing your adverts or information is easy to do on the Web. We offer monthly service plans that will enable you to keep your website up to date with the latest information.

5. Save time and money! A website can cut costs in many areas of your business. Save money on printing, postage, phone costs and more. Free up time to work on important projects rather than answering questions or sending out memos and costly information packs.

6. Home Page - This page is an introduction to the website, a description of your business and guide to the contents of the website.

7. Newsletter - Your newsletter can be "published" online, in full colour at no extra charge. You could also leave past issues online for easy reference.

8. Educational Pages - Here you can give information about your business, your products and their importance and uses to your clients, customers and prospects.

9. Product or Service - Display a full list of the products and services you can supply. This can contain prices and link directly to an order form if desired.

10. Tip of the Month - Let your clients know you care by giving them special information about your product. For a restaurant this could be a recipe, for a retailer it could be a maintenance tip or a service provider could recommend an easier way to get the service.

11. Calendar of Events - A complete and easily updated calendar of upcoming sales, events and specials.

12. Frequently Asked Questions - Why keep answering the same question over and over and over? This page lets the users easily find the answers to common questions or problems.

13. Company Directory - A "who's who" or "who does what" of the staff of your business. This can include pictures, short biographies, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. It could even promote your employee of the month.

14. Email - Anyone can email an inquiry or an order into your business via email.

15. Links to Related Companies and Services - Give your clients another reason to visit often: provide links to associated resources, businesses, services, products and information.

16. Product Updates, Specials and Sales - Keep your clients and prospects updated on the latest changes in your products or services. Advertise new products, special offers and sales. Let everyone know about time sensitive changes and upcoming deadlines.

17. Glossary - Define the key words of your specialty or industry so everyone can understand it more easily.